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Rentokil History

Rentokil has stood for effective pest control ever since we were founded in the UK back in 1927. We started out as a small company but soon started to grew thanks to the reliable service we provided. When war broke out in 1939, Rentokil was called into action. The nation's dwindling food stores could not afford any losses to pests - hence we stepped in to protect them. As a result, Rentokil's reputation, and brand recognition, was growing fast.

In the post-war years, Rentokil continued to thrive, gradually expanding into other businesses and eventually becoming Rentokil Initial PLC, the blue chip company currently quoted on the Stock Exchange.

In all our years of operation, Rentokil has never stopped learning. We've amassed an unrivalled store of pest control expertise, and we've always managed to stay one jump ahead of the latest pests — by developing our products and services faster than they can adapt.

In 1966, Rentokil Pest Control was founded here in Fiji and has provided effective and reliable pest control to both commercial and residential customers ever since. We are now the market leader in the pest control industry and we wouldn’t have it any other way.