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What We Do

Rentokil Pest Control is part of Rentokil Initial Ltd – one of the world’s largest providers of business and consumer services. Formed 80 years ago in the UK and over 47 years ago here in Fiji, the company has grown to become Fiji’s largest and most-trusted pest control service provider.

How we're organised

Rentokil Pest Control is characterised by lean, efficient management that supports a national network of local branch offices. That means there’s always a Rentokil Pest Control Technician nearby whenever a customer needs one, and that. We have the range and depth of resources to provide consistent quality service across many sites for our national account customers.

Our people

Rentokil Service Technicians, Service Managers, Supervisors, Quality Assurance Managers, Surveyors, Account Managers and support staff are some of the most experienced people that you’ll find in the pest control business. We’re used to developing close working relationships with our customers to help them overcome challenges they face and achieve their business goals.