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Commercial Pest Control Services

Rentokil Pest Control Fiji works in partnership with all kinds of customers to develop the most effective solutions for you. Rentokil use the method of Exclusion, Restriction and Destruction to deliver you maximum protection and peace of mind.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't like to exterminate things. With the first two deterrents of Exclusion and Restriction in our three-pronged fail-safe programme, we aim to prevent any critters poking their nose into your business. But of course, if the little blighters get past those then we'll deal to them.

From electronic mouse detection and the "smart" option in insecticides, to interactive online reporting systems, Rentokil Pest Control continually strives to develop solutions that set our industries standards.

Your Business

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Different businesses face different pest and hygiene risks.

Choose the right service plan for your business.

Commercial Pest Control
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Consistent delivery of service & consolidated reporting across all your sites.

Commercial Pest Control
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Pest Problems

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Helping you to identify and understand common pests.

Commercial Pest Control
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