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Facilities Management

Add Value to Your Business

Outsourcing adds value to many organisations by allowing them to concentrate on what they do best — look after their core business. Rentokil, together with other companies in our group, provides a full range of facilities management services, from pro–active commercial pest control to washroom services and maintenance of the plants in your office.

Rentokil's professional pest management services are delivered to suit individual business needs. You can specify the level and frequency of service that you require, to meet the needs of your client. Our nationwide technician coverage ensures that service is carried out consistently and reliably across all the premises, and the risk from pests kept to a minimum. Our technicians are expert in dealing with all types of pest, and use innovative prevention and control solutions developed by our European Research and Development Centre.

You will have a dedicated Account Manager as a central point of contact, who will tailor the pest control programme to meet the needs of you and your client, and ensure a smooth transition to Rentokil. They will provide a rapid response to all your requirements, and make dealing with us as straightforward as possible.

Our PestNetOnline web based reporting system allows you to gain instant information on service visits, pest activity and prevention recommendations across all your premises from wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To discuss how Rentokil Pest Control can support your Facilities Management Business please give us a call on 334 0000.