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Information about Bed Bugs

How do bed bugs get into your premises?

The most common sources of bed bug infestations are:

  • Guests and their luggage
  • Staff & employees
  • Second hand furniture
  • Laundry services
  • External contractors
  • Neighbouring properties

Such a wide range of sources of infestation makes it impossible to fully prevent bed bugs from entering your premises. However, using a professional protection programme for bed bugs will reduce the risk significantly. To discuss our innovative solutions for treating bed bugs in more detail please call us on 334 0000.

Is your Business at Risk from Bed Bugs?

All businesses dealing with the accommodation and transportation of people are at risk of becoming the victim of a bed bug infestation. The highest risk from bed bugs is associated with the following businesses:

  • Hospitality (hotels, hostels, B&Bs)
  • Transportation (railways, airlines, coaches)
  • Public institutions (hospitals, universities, prisons)

Bed bugs poses a number of risks to businesses and individuals. Any bed bug infestation can quickly reach an epidemic level if not treated in a professional way. The chart below shows that it takes just 10-12 weeks before your bed bug infestation reaches the level at which guests will notice the problem. Rentokil Technicians are trained to spot bed bug infestations at an early stage so that the problem can be dealt with quickly and discreetly before it becomes too big.

If you operate in any of these businesses you should have a bed bug protection programme in place. To arrange a visit from a professional Rentokil Technician, who will inspect your premises and evaluate the risks of a bed bug infestation please call us on 0800 522 004.

You can reduce the problems caused by bed bugs with the right protection programme in place. We can help you to reduce the risks of a bed bug problem and deliver effective treatments if an infestation of bed bugs does occur. Read more about our bed bug service offer.

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Our Control Services for Bed Bugs

Rentokil has invested heavily in developing its market-leading bed bug control programme. Working not only with our Technical Managers from around the globe but also with independent expert bed bug scientists we have defined an offer that combines proactive action against bed bugs with discreet, effective reactive treatments if needed.

Managing the risk of Bed Bugs

Our proactive approach to bed bug control will help reduce the risks you face from an infestation of bed bugs. It is based on 3 key elements: risk assessment, training and proactive inspection for bed bugs:

  • Risk assessment
    We will carry out an in-depth survey of your premises and operations to check for areas that may increase the risk of a bed bug infestation. We can also inspect a proportion of your rooms to add reassurance that you do not have a current infestation of bed bugs.
  • Training
    We will train your housekeeping and maintenance staff on how to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation and what to do if they see them. We will show them where bed bugs can be found so that they can inspect rooms on their own.
    We also offer training for your management teams on bed bugs and what to do if a guest complains of either seeing one or being bitten by bed bugs.
  • Proactive inspections for bed bugs
    At the heart of our approach to minimising the risk you face is our programme of inspections by trained and experienced Rentokil Technicians. We use our proprietary technology to look for bed bugs in a selection of rooms on a regular basis. Our recommendation is to inspect all of your rooms at least once a year for bed bugs, although the exact details will be agreed with you.
Reacting quickly to bed bugs

If you are unlucky enough to have an infestation of bed bugs we have developed effective reactive treatments that quickly and discreetly brings the problem under control and rapidly gets your business back on its feet. Find more information about our reactive bed bugs offer.

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