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Seagull Control

Our bird control service offers professional solutions for seagull control, removing problems swiftly with the minimum of fuss. Our knowledgeable and experienced bird specialists have the widest range of seagull deterrent & wildlife management solutions within Fiji. Call us on 334 0000 for advice on controlling seagulls and to arrange a free business survey from a Rentokil bird specialist.

Problem Seagulls
Image of a seagull taking food scraps from a bin | Rentokil Pest Control Fiji

Seagulls such as Herring gulls and Black-backed gulls have become well adapted to living in our coastal towns and cities. Many modern buildings with flat roofs and straight sides are not dissimilar to the sort of cliffs these seagulls are use to nesting on in the wild. This urban environment offers the gulls an easy living with landfill sites, street litter and household rubbish providing an abundant and easy food source.

The close association of seagulls and people can lead to the spread of diseases such as Salmonella. As the gulls feed from polluted sources such as rubbish dumps and bring germs directly to public areas in towns and cities.

Seagulls can cause problems scavenging for food all year round, but particularly during the summer months when mating and rearing their young. They become very territorial and aggressive towards people. The gulls will begin with a warning cry to keep you away from their young, then they will swoop low and give an alarm call that attracts other seagulls from the colony to help protect the nest site. If this doesn't deter people, the gulls will then defecate and vomit to protect their chicks. This makes effective seagull control vital to protecting your premises and members of the public.

Seagull Deterrent

There are a variety of benefits from bird proofing methods such as bird netting systems. Preventing defacement of buildings due to nesting and roosting will reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. Noise, smell and the risk of infection will be eliminated, improving the overall health and safety of the premises.

Image of a Herring gull stood on a dustbin | Rentokil Pest Control Fiji

Removing the seagulls food sources and nesting sites within an urban area is an effective way to help tackle problem seagulls. Ensuring lids are kept secure on bins and rubbish bags are not left in the open (as gulls can rip open bin bags easily) will help with seagull control. Existing buildings can be bird proofed. It may only take a slight adjustment, such as increasing the angle of a ledge to deter seagulls from using the building as a nesting site.

Call us on 334 0000 for further advice on seagulls and to arrange for a free survey of your business premises.

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