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The risk profile caused by pests varies according to the activities of a business or organisation, so it is important that your pest control service programme is appropriate for your pest risks.

For example, some pests are much higher risk for certain types of businesses – moths are high risk for companies handling textiles, a cockroach infestation for food service businesses and bed bugs for hotels – make sure that your service programme covers any specific threats you face.

Similarly, tolerance to pests varies according to the risks they pose to your activities – a mouse in a construction site is a nuisance, while a mouse control issue in a food processing factory will close the facility and may lead to prosecution – ensure your service programme is targeted at your risk level.

In general, it may not be good value to have the highest level of service if you do not need it, but you will be exposed to excessive risk if you do not have sufficient cover in your programme.

At Rentokil, we have developed service offers for different types of business to guide the most appropriate level of protection, but these are always backed up by site surveys to address any specific risks or concerns at the site.

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