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Local grocers and other food retailers such as butchers and bakers need to take pragmatic steps to avoid the damage a pest problem can cause to your stock and your reputation.

The main threats are from rodents, cockroaches and flies but a wide number of pests can be attracted by the warmth and ready supply of food.

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Our countrywide network of offices means we can always respond quickly, wherever and whenever you have a problem. Many well-known store chains have national contracts with us - they enjoy a single contract for all retail pest control services, but each of their branches can contact their local Rentokil Pest Control office if they need help. 

Pest Control services are also popular with retailers - regular visits and tight inspection regimes - even including electronic surveillance if you wish - keep pests from ever causing a problem. Online reporting provides a clear audit trail, so you can demonstrate to staff, customers, investors and authorities just how effective your retail pest control measures are.

To find out more about how we can deal with any pest problem or prevent them occurring in the first place, , please call us on 0800 552 004 or see our Pest guide section.

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