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Protecting Grocery Retailers from Pests

A supermarket is no place for a pest – not just because of public perception and brand risk, but also because of the serious health risks particularly in areas where fresh food is handled.

Rentokil is the expert at providing grocery retailers with the reassurance that they are protected from pest problems - no other company can rival our experience of keeping supermarkets free of pest problems or dealing with them if they occur.

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Our Pest Prevention Service provides the protection against pests in supermarkets. As part of our regular service visits your Service Technician will fully inspect all areas of the store and around its perimeter. Any pest activity or pest risks will be identified. Action will be taken to address any pest problems using expert knowledge and innovation to solve any issue with minimal disruption.

Any recommendations will be documented as well as being highlighted to staff on the site. In particular, we will advise on working practices and procedures to reduce the risk of pests entering the store or becoming a problem.

With a national service agreement, you will have a single point of contact and an account manager to coordinate the service delivery you expect across the entire network.

However, each individual store can also contact their local Rentokil team to meet any immediate needs.

We also provide specific service programmes for logistics and distribution operations which can be incorporated into the main service level agreement for your supermarkets if appropriate.

To find out more about our pest management programmes for supermarkets or to arrange a visit from a specialist account manager who understands the retail grocery market, please call us on 334 0000.