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Vespa crabro


Image of a Hornet (vespa crabro) | Rentokil Pest Control Fiji
  • Large, up to 1.8 inches long.
  • Wings are reddish-orange.
  • Orange abdomen with brown stripes.


  • Nests are founded in the Spring.
  • Most die-off by late Autumn.
  • Only the fertilized Queen overwinters.


  • Nesting – In sheltered places, e.g. tree trunks, bushes, sides of buildings, barns, attics, hollow walls. Their nests are grey and paper-like.
  • A colony can reach a size of 700 workers
  • Sting - Only sting when provoked. Sting is painful to humans. They can bite and sting at the same time. They can mobilize the entire nest to sting in defence which is highly dangerous to humans.
  • Feeding - Live insects and sap. Are not attracted to human food.