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How you can end up with bedbugs

How you get Bedbugs

Image of a Bedbug (Cimex lectularius )| Rentokil Pest Control Fiji

Bedbugs are quite small (adults are usually 4-5mm long) and well adapted to hitchhiking. They are usually brought into a home by being carried in on clothing, luggage or inside furniture.

The most common source of acquiring bedbugs is to stay at a hotel or other overnight accommodation with an infestation. Bedbugs or their eggs get into clothing or suitcases and are then transported home.

If there are any signs of bedbugs when staying at a hotel, particularly bed bug bites whilst sleeping or seeing blood spots on sheets, take great care in bringing your personal belongings home.

Consult with hotel management to assess the risk - it may be necessary to launder, fumigate or treat your clothes and belongings to ensure they are safe from bedbugs before returning home.

Image of a Rentokil technician checking a mattress for the signs of bedbugs | Rentokil Pest Control

The same applies in transferring furniture, in particular second hand or vintage furniture. Bedbugs can shelter in crevices of bed frames, headboards, seams of mattresses, carpets, underlay and even inside electrical sockets and fittings. They will also hide in furniture surrounding the bed such as draws, wardrobes, cabinets and linen cupboards. Rentokil can treat these items for bedbugs before you bring them into your home if there may be a risk.

How do Bedbugs spread?

If your home has bedbugs, please do not risk spreading them by taking clothes, suitcases or furniture to hotels or the homes of your friends and family.

Bedbugs can also migrate to adjoining properties by crawling through wall or floor cavities. If your home has bedbugs and you live in a flat, apartment or a terraced property, please be considerate to your neighbours and act promptly to reduce the possibility of spreading the bed bug problem to surrounding homes.

How to get rid of bedbugs

Deep cleaning with the highest level of hygiene and the use of a DIY bed bug spray can reduce the number of bedbugs but to get rid of a bed bug problem professional bed bug treatment will be needed.

If you believe you may have bedbugs in your home and would like further advice or to arrange for an experienced Rentokil technician to visit, call us free on 334 0000.